Take Nichols: A Timeline of the Inquiry into His Death (2023)

The investigation into the death ofpneu nicholsin Memphis, Tennessee, continues.

Nichols died days after a violent traffic stop caught on body camera footage showing officers repeatedly beating Nichols. So far, five police officers have been charged in connection with her death.

His death sparked protests and riots across the country.

Here is a timeline of the events leading up to and surrounding his death:

January 7, 2023: Have Nichols arrested

It was Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old black manstopped by the policefor allegedly reckless driving.

According to Nichols' mother, Rowvaughn Wells, Tire was 2 minutes from her home when she was pulled over.

Authorities said Memphis officers approached Nichols, who fled. Officers said they chased Nichols after he ran away and took him into custody, police said.

Attorneys for Nichols' family said body camera footage of the incident showed Nichols did not originally fled when officers approached him. They say Nichols told police he was "just trying to get home from FedEx, where he worked," and yelled at his mother three times at the end of the video.

Body camera footageshows the initial altercation, a police officer warning Nichols, "I'm going to hit you..." and "I'm going to touch you..." while several police officers pin him to the ground and yell at him. Nichols' tone remains calm, at one point telling officers, "You guys are really busy right now." He manages to shake off the cops when they show up to try firing a stun gun at him and escapes.

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Several officers are later seen in body camera footage grouped with Nichols and standing over him as he lies on the ground. When two police officers hold him, a third kicks him. A fourth officer approaches with a baton and officers lift Nichols off the ground and hold him while officers appear to punch him in the face and upper body.

As Nichols falls to his knees, several officers kneel and bend over him while another appears to be standing a few feet away, watching. More officers run to the board. At least one officer kicks Nichols while he is on the ground. About three minutes after the first kick, they begin to retreat. They end up dragging him into the street and pinning him against a car as he appears to have his hands behind his back.

Nichols appears to remain slumped next to the car for about 20 minutes before officers try to help him. A few minutes later, paramedics appear to lean on Nichols before an ambulance appears.

Footage shows officers beating Nichols and pepper spraying him as he begins yelling at his mother, who lived nearby. He can be heard yelling "Mama" at least three times. Officers repeatedly yell at Nichols to "shake hands with me." The police officer with the baton is heard saying, "I'll get you a baton," and then appears to hit him three times on the back. Officers arrest Nichols and appear to be beating and punching him.

After the incident, Nichols "complained of difficulty breathing" and was transported by ambulance to St. Louis Hospital. Francis in critical condition in Memphis, police said.

Due to Nichols' condition, the Shelby County District Attorney's Office was contacted and TBI special agents were subsequently asked to conduct an investigation into the use of force, the TBI said.

The Memphis Police Department said at the time that "the officers involved are routinely being taken off duty pending the outcome" of the TBI investigation.

January 10: Death of Tire Nichols

Nichols died three days after being arrested by Memphis police.

January 18: Federal investigation begins

Kevin G. Ritz, US Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, announced that the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating the incident.

"State officials have publicly announced that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation," Ritz said in a statement. "In addition, the United States Attorney's Office, in coordination with the FBI's Memphis field office and the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, has opened a civil rights investigation."

January 20: The resignation of the Memphis police officers.

The Memphis Police Department announced it had fired five officers following an investigation into Nichols' death.

The officers were identified as Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and JustinSmith. They are all black men.

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"Following a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding this incident, we have determined that five MPD officers violated multiple department policies, including excessive use of force, a duty to intervene and a duty to assist," the department said in a statement. . Explanation.

Jan. 23 - Family describes body camera footage

Video of Nichols' interaction with five Memphis police officers was viewed by Nichols' family and attorneys.

They described the video as "horrific," "regrettable," "horrifying," "violent," and "problematic on every level," according to Ben Crump, attorney for the Nichols family.

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"Whatever he was in that [video] was helpless the entire time," said Antonio Romanucci, another attorney for the family. "To those officers, he was a human pinata. It was unadulterated, flagrant, non-stop beating of this boy for 3 minutes.” Romanucci also mentioned that Nichols, who died on January 10, was kicked during filming.

The family said they saw the officer kick their son, pepper spray and use a stun gun as Nichols repeatedly asked, "What have I done?"

Earlier this week, Memphis Fire Department officials announced that two employees involved in providing first aid to Nichols have been relieved of their duties and are being investigated for their role in the incident, according to an official statement released to the wouldABC Partner WATN.

Jan 26 - Independent autopsy cleared, officials charged

A grand jury has indicted five police officers involved in the Nichols incident. Both have been charged with murder and are in prison. They were charged with “second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping involving bodily harm, aggravated kidnapping with possession of a weapon, dereliction of duty for unlawful exercise of power, dereliction of duty for failure to act upon delivery.” by law and official repression," said Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy.

An independent autopsy conducted by a forensic pathologist hired by family lawyers found that Nichols was suffering from "profuse bleeding from severe beatings," according to the family.

"The injuries found are consistent with what the family and attorneys saw on video of their fatal encounter with police on Jan. 7," the Tire Nichols family and attorneys said in a statement. "Further details and findings from this independent report will be released at a later date."

Memphis Police Commissioner Cerelyn Davis called the officers' actions "despicable, inconsiderate and inhumane," adding "when [the bodycam footage] is released in the coming days, you will see for yourself."

Chief Davis said she expects protests after the video's release, but warns that while she expects outrage, "none of it is a calling card to incite violence."

Jan. 27 – Body cam footage released, Shelby County legislators relieved of duty

Memphis officials released footage of Nichols confronting police.

The City of Memphis shared four videos on Vimeo.

The city shared footage from three body cameras and one pole camera totaling about 67 minutes.

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The videos included the disclaimer: “Images contain speech and graphic content. Some may find them offensive.

One clip is city surveillance video showing Nichols being punched, kicked and punched by multiple officers, including the use of a rubber baton.

Another clip is bodycam video showing officers beating Nichols.

Another clip highlights the audio where Nichols can be heard yelling "Mom" multiple times. The clip then shows Nichols lying on the ground next to a vehicle.

"Like many others, I was outraged and deeply hurt when I saw the horrific video of the beating that led to the death of Tire Nichols. It's another poignant reminder of the deep fear and trauma, pain and exhaustion experienced by black and brown Americans. Day," President Joe Biden said in response to the images.

The images sparked protests across the country.

Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr.an internal investigation into two MPs who showed up at the scene and were relieved of their duties pending the results of the investigation.

January 30 - Authorities announce that 2 more officers have been discharged from duty and 3 members of the Memphis Police Department have been fired

Memphis Police Officer Preston Hemphill, an officer involved in Tire Nichols traffic control and an unidentified police officerrelieved from dutyduring an ongoing investigation, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Hemphill, who is white, and the other officer were not fired or charged and were relieved of their duties Jan. 8, according to the Memphis Police Department.

MORE: 7 officers involved in Tire Nichols death dismissed from duty, 3 Memphis FD members fired

Hemphill reportedly fired his taser during the confrontation. In his own body cam video, Hemphill can be seen chasing Nichols down the street, but later returns to the scene of the first stop.

Hemphill could be heard on bodycam video of his body saying twice, "I hope he gets his ass kicked."

The Memphis Fire Department also announced that three members who were dispatched to the scene by ambulance following the beating have been fired.

Paramedics Robert Long and JaMicheal Sandridge, who initially examined Nichols on the spot, were fired for "failing to conduct a proper evaluation of Mr. Nichols' patient," according to the fire department. MFD Lieutenant Michelle Whitaker, who was in the first ambulance at the scene, was also fired.

ABC News' Ivan Pereira contributed to this report.

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