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NCIS Hawaii Season 2will return with its tenth episode, soon to air, offering viewers a new case to solve. With familiar characters, a compelling story, and an intriguing mystery, the show promises to keep fans engaged as they wait for what's next. The upcoming episode will offer viewers a recap of past events and some exciting spoilers teasing the future of the beloved characters.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

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NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Spoilers, Countdown, Review & Release Time » Amazfeed (1)
  • Season: NCIS-Hawái
  • Number of seasons:2
  • Episode number:S02 EP10
  • Episode Title:fake deep
  • Writer:matt bosack
  • Director:Larry Teng
  • Gender:Action, Krimi, Mystery
  • List:Vanessa Lachey, Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills, Yasmine Al-Bustami
  • Production:Harp to the party productions
  • Manufacturer:Randy Sutter
  • Lied:adamsbaum
  • Country of origin:United States of America
  • Source language:English
  • Available languages:English
  • First episode aired on:19. September 2022 (S02 E01)
  • Last episode aired on:December 5, 2022 (S02 E09)
  • Next aired episode:JANUARY 2, 2023 (S02 E10)
  • Available in:CBS

When will NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 be released? (release date from)

The highly anticipated NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 will air on January 2, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. m. ET PT.Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting her return since her debut in September 2022.NCIS Hawaii, which airs at 9 p.m. m. ET PT, has already made a big impression on viewers with its gripping storylines and intense action sequences.

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Everything you need to know about the upcoming season

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Release Times in Different Time Zones

  • British summer time:Tuesday, January 2, 2023; 03:00
  • Pacific Time:Monday, January 2, 2023; 18:00
  • Eastern Time:Tuesday, January 2, 2023; 9:00 pm
  • Central Daylight Saving Time:Monday, January 2, 2023; 8:00 pm
  • Australian Central Time:Tuesday, January 3, 2023; 12:30 pm

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Countdown

the countdown toNCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10It's finally here. You can find all the details about the series on our website.Bookmark our page and you can easily find out if we have updated anything on this topic.


NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Story

I like the performances in their productions. So if you could update all the episodes that would be great. Thanks for the update; I liked the video and the performance in all the activities. Update all episodes; I really like the theater. Good app; excellent movie; I like drama in all activities; Thanks. Please update all episodes I want acting and have seen and heard great things about your app and movies. Excellent app, excellent video; I enjoyed the performances in every episode; We encourage you to keep posting new ones.

Ernie's tales, reflections on life and the universe, and more from Mooney's eyes and Lucy's emotional drama. And then they ruined the best character on the show by corrupting him. In order to satisfy Captain Joe's unprofessional need for a meeting, Tennant must distract himself from a top-secret and dangerous operation. If they would stop being so reckless and stop forcing Tennant with romantic vibes, he could handle anything, especially Lucy.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 - Spoilers

fake deep

A celebration was held in Washington, District of Columbia, to honor the retirement of a former teacher.NCIS agents have no choice but to investigate the professor's suicide. Tennant, Jimmy Palmer and Sam Hanna are taken hostage and this has an unresolved suicide connection.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Cast: Who Can Join?

The show features some well-known and talented actors, including

Character's namepresented by
vanessa lacheyjane tenant
Alex TarrantKai Holmann
Yasmin Al BustamiLucia Tara
noah millsjesse boone
jason antonioErnie Malik
tori andersonkate silbador
kia talanAlex Tennant

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 9 – “Curtain Call” Recap

'Desperate measures'

Kai hires Whistler to start an investigation into an old friend turned criminal after a naval officer was murdered while working part-time at the community theater; The NCIS team turns to a well-known figure to lead them to a ruthless international assassin.

What is the rating of the NCIS Hawaii series?

The NCIS Hawaii series has an average rating of 6.3/10 reviewsIMDband 81% in rotten tomatoes,commonAverage audience ratings of 66% and 48% on Metacritic. Many people have commented on this series.So if you want to watch it, read some reviews that will give you a fair idea of ​​the series and then make your decision to watch the series.

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NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Details Review

In later episodes of the season, the quality of the show improved. The entertainment value of watching Vanessa Lacey is high. I hope the writers stop injecting New Age ideas into acting, like crystals and consulting psychics to solve personal problems. Some of the people on the show, especially Ernie and Lucy, are really annoying. By the end of the season, the show's writers appear to have focused more on Lucy's romantic life than the actual investigation. I'm glad to hear a second season has been ordered and I hope the show's formula is tweaked a bit to keep people interested.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Spoilers, Countdown, Review & Release Time » Amazfeed (2)

There seems to be a lot of disagreement about this show and I can't say I understand why. The characters seem okay, or at least not terrible; there are even hints of growth and character development. The plots are typical in that the "good guys" eventually track down and defeat the "bad guys" through analytical investigation. The movie looks professionally made and the Hawaiian scenery is stunning.

Each episode improves on the previous one. Julie White's presence is a great asset to the stories as a whole. That's what I really like about the latest iteration of Five-O, where Scott Caan went to great lengths to impersonate an actor. Vanessa Lachey matures into a compelling storyteller.

Where to watch NCIS Hawaii

If you want to see this series, you can watch it on CBS and it is the official platform of the series. If you want to stream this series online, you can watch it on Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Amazon, and Apple !Tune. So if you have missed previous episodes till now, you can watch this episode on these platforms.

Any news on the NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 Trailer?

As of this writing, there are no trailers available for the next episode of NCIS: Hawaii. Please continue to check our page as we will continue to update you with new information on NCIS: Hawaii Episode 9.The information is only displayed on our site when it is available. Watch the trailer for NCIS: Hawaii Episode 8.


NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 is an exciting series with a great story. The story grabs the attention of the audience and the suspense keeps them watching until the end.We hope you found this article informative and helpful in learning more about the upcoming episode.

The latest TV series provide us with exciting and fascinating stories that keep our attention moving. We all need something to entertain ourselves, so we need to stay up to date with the latest releases.Amazfeed gives you all the information about the shows you love, like plots, cast and much more! So be sure to visit our website for the latest news.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 10 FAQ

1. How many seasons are there of NCIS Hawaii?

So far, NCIS Hawaii has only had two seasons.

2. When is the NCIS Hawaii season 2 episode 10 release date?

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 8 will be released on January 2, 2022.

3. Is NCIS Hawaii available on Netflix?

No, NCIS Hawaii is not available on Netflix.

4. Is NCIS Hawaii available on Paramount Plus?

No, NCIS Hawaii is not available on Paramount Plus.

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