My Favorite Hip-Hop Albums by Year (2007-2011): Part I (2023)

The last decade has been phenomenal for hip-hop. With artists like Drake and Kanye West racking up hit after hit, and artists like Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar proving that mainstream artists can say something "real" too, hip-hop has become a global cultural force second to none. artistic less. more than half a century. As the genre conquered popular culture, the underground continued to push traditional sonic and stylistic boundaries, fusing styles and sounds and expanding its audience in ways that seemed almost impossible than in the previous decade. Can you imagine the 2005 New York MC riding to a hyphy beat? That would be idle talk.

What if I told the same MC from 2005 that in 2015 there would be an MC from Queens of South Asian who made a name for himself with a song about two fast food restaurants in the same building with a hyphy HAM beat, and that the video musical stars two black comedians, one of whom is basically responsible for Bill Cosby ending up in prison, has over 500,000 views online? Honestly, the 2005-era MC would probably have other questions for me knowing the future, but my point is that hip-hop can change a lot in a decade.

Anyone who knows me knows that I've been deeply involved in hip-hop since 2005, with all the traditional steps a white man takes to break into the genre. I remember thinking in high school that only people said the N-word and called women bitches. After getting over my gender elitism and realizing that I like certain rappers (thanks to Wu-Tang Clan), I quickly went into hip-hop and left it. Then I put on my Jansport with the rest of the white boys and repeated, "the only true hip-hop is conscious hip-hop," simply ignoring the important role party music played in the early formations of the genre. For about six months I knew that Aesop Rock was the only person keeping hip-hop alive. Then about a decade ago I started listening to a lot of contemporary hip-hop. Looking back, I can see quality albums being released between the late 1990s and the second half of the 2000s, but I didn't listen to them at the time. I mean, I haven't even listened to MF DOOM's incredible seven-album run from 1999 to 2005 and 2010 and it took another five years or more before I could finally appreciate it.crazy villain.

Starting around 2007, I really listened to pop and underground artists when they released music. I've been following MCs and producers, anticipating album releases, and debating GOATs with other minds on online forums (shout out r/hiphopheads). I also wanted to test my limits. At this point, I knew my previous assumptions about gender were wrong, so what else didn't I know? Maybe everyone who told me Insane Clown Posse was horrible was wrong? In the end, these people were right (not hating juggalos, but... ಠ_ಠ), but I also had to figure out what I liked and why. As I've learned, it takes more than thoughtful lyrics to make a good rap, but it also takes more than a few 808s and a hi-hat.

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Now, a decade later, I want to take a look at those albums and choose my favorite each year. While I'm not sure anyone cares enough about my hip hop tastes to read everything, I'll give it a try.

I mean, what else is the casual blogger supposed to do: write something other than a list?

Kanye West - Graduation (September 11, 2007)

My Favorite Hip-Hop Albums by Year (2007-2011): Part I (1)

It seems appropriate to start the list with my favorite Kanye album, which was also the first Kanye album I listened to in its entirety. Best-selling hip-hop album of the year and 12th best-selling album in the US in 2007.Diplomait marked the conclusion of Kanye's initial trilogy of school albums and his rise to the top of rap and pop music across the globe. Drawing on a broader range of samples than his previous albums (including Daft Punk's smash hit 'Stronger'), this album is solemn and melancholic, opulent and reflective. There are a few tracks on here that don't do much for me ("Drunk and Hot Girls" and "Barry Bonds"), but the songs I love more than make up for it. "Homecoming," "I Wonder," and "Everything I Am" are some of my favorite hip-hop songs overall, and "Good Morning" may be the best album opener of all time.

I think this album is often overlooked in favor of the surprise early dropoutsto greatnessMy beautiful dark and twisted fantasy.I feel like recently even808 and heartbreakdrew more attention thanDiplomafor his undeniable influence on the self-tuned styles that dominate the current generation of rappers and producers. I will never deny the importance of these other records, but I will listen to them again.Diplomathan any other Kanye album. It was the album that brought me Kanye, and no matter how stupid and outrageous he tries to be (which turns out to be INCREDIBLY STUPID AND AWESOME), nothing I do can make this music video any less amazing.


  • vice champion:Lupe Fiasco -the good vibes(December 18, 2007); Blu & Exile –under the sky(July 17, 2017)

Little Wayne -Tha Carter III(June 10, 2008)

I know some people see this as the first step towards Lil Wayne's demise, but for me this is his pinnacle. Released to near universal acclaim,Tha Carter IIIit removed any doubt about who was the greatest rapper alive in 2008. Lil Wayne gracefully handles the beats with incredible wordplay and fresh interpretations of the southern sound. The nasal, fuzzy flow from him elevates every beat he plays, which is saying a lot given the all-star lineup that includes Bangladesh, Just Blaze and Kanye. Wayne's flow is so natural it sounds like what he was born to do. He doesn't force anything on himself: each word floats effortlessly over the beat. DespiteTha Carter IIIIt's not a concept album per se, many of the tracks are concept (eg "Dr. Carter", "Mrs. Officer", "Phone Home") but catchy enough to keep us entertained with all the poop jokes.

Live stream of Lil Wayne writing Tha Carter III

I think the true masterpiece of the album is the combination of these concept songs with some incredibly reflective and tragic songs like "Tie My Hands" and "Shoot Me Down". And they're still on the same album as silly "Lala." and "Lolipop". ' and make it work. Maintaining this eclectic group of tracks is a huge achievement for Lil Wayne, as is his enduring influence on hip-hop in general. While it's debatable about Kanye that Kanye was the most influential producer of the last decade, it's safe to say that Wayne was the most influential lyricist.

  • vice champion:Kid Cudi -A boy named Cudi(July 17, 2008); the cool kidsbake sale(June 10, 2008)

Kid Cudi - The Man in the Moon: The End of the Day(September 15, 2009)

My Favorite Hip-Hop Albums by Year (2007-2011): Part I (2)

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since 2014,complex magazine2009 was literally listed as the greatest year for mixtapes of all time! I mean, they've only been around for 20 years, but still, it's been a good year for mixtapes. drake singlesgone so fartook it into the stratosphere, and several underground artists launched their first projects with great success (J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Tyler the Creator) and Lil Wayneno blanketsit is often considered his best project. However, the chart-topping albums couldn't be more generic. by Eminemrelapsetopped the hip-hop chart with 608,000 first-week sales, followed by Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and the group's album Young Money. With the exception ofproject 3, I personally find all albums incredibly boring. In 2009, 50 Cent and Eminem were heavily played; I'm still very confused about who really likes Rick Ross; and holding cuts, especially from Young Money, are starting to converge on my head.

In the midst of these rather quiet releases, however, Kid Cudi released one of the most influential studio albums of the last decade. Although I don't like his mixtape as much as I do,A boy named Cudi,from the previous year,The man in the moon: the end of the dayit was a landmark album.Along with a string of global hits ("Day N' Night," "Pursuit of Happiness"), Cudi's real innovation was bringing themes of anxiety and mental illness to the forefront of hip-hop. Sonically, Cudi has processed a lot of what Kanye started.Diplomami808er and heartbreak, but added his own flair for breathy lyrics and indie rock - ratatat and MGMT are included. Even if Cudi went into his own business...let's say tangentially in the years since that album (and its 2010 sequel),His work on this album opened the door for artists like Travi$ Scott, Kevin Abstract and Raury.

  • vice champion:Only -attention deficit(November 7, 2009); MF DOOM -Born like this(March 24, 2009); MOS Def -there in ecstasy(June 9, 2009); BlackRoc –SchwarzRoc(November 27, 2009)

Earl Sweatshirt - EARL (March 31, 2010)

The previous three albums I mentioned so far wererelativelypoppy andrelativelyFamily friendly. They hit the charts. They had radio singles.GRAFIt is not.GRAFhorrible.GRAFit is disturbingGRAF.IT IS. diabolical

GRAFit's also AWESOME!

(Video) Ghost Rider (2007) Vs Ghost rider sprit of vengeance (2011) #shorts

Earl Sweatshirt takes on the role of a teenage serial killer and guides us through the dark underworld of murder, rape and torture through the dark synths and simple percussion of Tyler the Creator and LeftBrain. Well, deep down I have a soft spot for horrorcore (basically horror movies for hip hop) and this movie hits that sweet spot. Few albums are more depraved than this, but Earl's lyrical skill makes up for it. At 16, Earl was spouting tongue twister after tongue twister, echoing the content and style of two of the greatest lyricists of all time: Eminem and MF DOOM.

To be fair, the content of the 25 minutes is factually terrible. Misogyny, homophobia, rape, murder: it's all there. But I don't care how disturbing the lyrics are.GRAFI'm still impressed with Earl's complicated pun. Since its release, Earl and Odd Future have attracted a general following that really annoys me, and while Earl and the rest of the team have evolved as well, their following seems to be constantly stuck at 16. But no matter how annoying the OF fandom is I can't help but love this tape. Plus, I've always found a strange, ironic satisfaction in taking graduate courses and teaching college students and then singing "KILL GEOPLE - BURN SHIT - FUCK SCHOOL" to myself as I walk across campus.

  • vice champion:strange future -radicals(May 7, 2010); the racist -shut up my(March 2010); Kanye West -My beautiful and twisted dark fantasy.(November 19, 2010); Kid Cudi-The Man in the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Furious(November 9, 2010)

A$AP Rocky – Vive.Ama.A$AP(October 31, 2011)

From the moment I heard that two second bass soundLive.Love.A$API knew I was in for a surprise. Combining the quintessential sounds of New York hip-hop with the choppy, messy sound of Houston, A$AP Rocky rose to fame with this heady, fuzzy masterpiece. Rocky's unique mix of UGK and 50 Cent was an early step in blurring the geographic styles that traditionally delineated rappers. New York hip hop consisted of boom bap beats and complicated lyrics; Los Angeles rappers were G-funk gangsters; Southern rappers liked to party. This album proved that in the digital age, hip-hop no longer has to follow these rules. A Harlem MC could take the sound of Houston, mix it with a bit of New York swagger, and create something new and incredible.Live.Love.A$APit also marks an early foray into "cloud rap" thanks to clouds of smoke clearly billowing from the production office of Clams Casino, SpaceGhostPurrp, and A$AP Ty Beats. Coupled with Rocky's unmatched ability to drive a beat effortlessly, fitting his voice into hooks and improvisations, these hazy grooves were hacked into a whole new subgenre.

when i heard for the first timeLive.Love.A$AP, he was convinced that Rocky had the potential to be a GOAT. However, since then, his albums really feel like extensions of that original idea. Don't get me wrong: it's a great idea andLong.Live.A$AP y At.Long.Last.A$APboth have great leads and are solid efforts. But unlike Kendrick, who evolves and changes his sound on different projects, Rocky seems a bit stuck in that same format. While consistency isn't always a bad thing, it seems to Rocky that consistency comes at the expense of innovation. But let's back up a bit, because when your first album is this groundbreaking, it can take you a decade to catch up with the process.

(Video) Roy Alva - Old Watches (Full Album) (Soft Grit Recordings) (2021)

  • vice champion:danny braun-XXX(August 15, 2011); Kendrick Lamar -Section .80(July 2, 2011); Shabazz Palaces –black in(June 28, 2011)

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Either you really like my writing or you really like hip hop.
I guess it's hip hop.
You can read more about the second half of the decade here.


What hip-hop albums dropped in 2007? ›

Top 10 Hip-hop Albums of 2007
  • El-P – I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Definitive Jux) ...
  • Kanye West – Graduation (Roc-a-Fella) ...
  • Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux) ...
  • Jay-Z – American Gangster (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam) ...
  • Pharoahe Monch – Desire (Universal) ...
  • Dälek – Abandoned Language (Ipecac)
17 Dec 2007

What was the number 1 hip-hop song in 2011? ›

Although Miguel's "Sure Thing" only topped the chart for one week, it ranked as the number one song on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs year end list. Kelly Rowland's collaboration with Lil Wayne, "Motivation", topped the chart for seven non-consecutive weeks. "Motivation" ranked at number two on the year end list.

What was the 1st rap album? ›

The first full length rap album was the self-titled debut of the Sugar Hill Gang, released in February of 1980.

What ended the golden age of hip hop? › (accessed 2016) describes the Golden Age of hip-hop as beginning with the commercial breakthrough of Run-D.M.C. (1986) and ending with the mainstream emergence of gangsta rap popularized by Dr. Dre's The Chronic (1992).

What was the number 1 hip-hop song in 2008? ›

Alicia Keys' song "Like You'll Never See Me Again" was the most popular R&B song on US radio in 2008, and ranked at the number one position on the list of the top 50 most played songs.

What was the number 1 hip-hop song in 2010? ›

Alicia Keys' song "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" ranked as the number one song on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs year end list.

What was the number 1 hip-hop song in 2009? ›

"Blame It" topped the chart for fourteen consecutive weeks, and it ranked as the number one song on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs year-end list.

What was the number 1 hip-hop song in 2001? ›

Nas, 'One Mic'

What is the top 20 selling albums of all time? ›

The 20 best-selling albums ever:
  • Back in Black – AC/DC.
  • Rumours – Fleetwood Mac.
  • The Bodyguard Soundtrack – Whitney Houston.
  • Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin.
  • Come on Over – Shania Twain.
  • Hotel California – Eagles.
  • Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 – Eagles.
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson.
12 Nov 2022

What is the #1 album of all time? ›

Michael Jackson's Thriller, estimated to have sold 70 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album ever. Jackson also currently has the highest number of albums on the list with five, Celine Dion has four, while the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Whitney Houston each have three.

Why is rap called rap? ›

As early as 1956, deejays were toasting (an African tradition of "rapped out" tales of heroism) over dubbed Jamaican beats. It was called "rap", expanding the word's earlier meaning in the African-American community—"to discuss or debate informally."

Who started rap? ›

Rap began in 1971, in the Bronx, with Kool Herc, who was from Jamaica. At block parties, Kool Herc would play two turntables by hand and manipulate the sound to create an entirely new sound, while he rapped the lyrics from the song he was playing.

Who was the first rap song? ›

The Sugar Hill Gang's 12-inch single "Rapper's Delight" - released in 1979 - became the first rap song to be played on the radio.

Who was the first hip-hop rapper? ›

The major pioneers of rapping were Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, and the Cold Crush Brothers, whose Grandmaster Caz is controversially considered by some to be the true author of some of the strongest lyrics in “Rapper's Delight.” These early MCs and deejays constituted rap's old school.

Is hip-hop losing popularity? ›

Luminate's mid-year report revealed that R&B/hip-hop still has the largest overall market share of any genre in the United States with 27.6% — but that's a decline from last year's 28.4%, even though it widened its lead at the top in terms of overall equivalent album units.

What was hip-hop's first hit? ›

Hip hop's roots as a musical phenomenon are subject to debate, but its roots as a commercial phenomenon are much clearer. They trace back directly to January 5, 1980, when the song “Rapper's Delight” became the first hip hop single ever to reach the Billboard top 40.

What was the top hit song in 2008? ›

The #1 song on the list was "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain, after having released the song in 2007 and spent 10 weeks at number-one. The song that came in at number two was "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis and at #3 was Alicia Keys' song "No One", after spending 5 weeks at #1 in December 2007.

What is the #1 song of all time? ›

Blinding Lights

What was the biggest album of 2008? ›

Alicia Keys' “As I Am” was the top selling album of 2008, according to Billboard and Nielsen. Keys also had the most listened-to radio song of the year, “No One,” which drew 3.08 billion radio listeners between November 12, 2007 through November 16, 2008.

What was the #1 rap song in 2000? ›

Number-one singles
SingleArtistReached number one
"Callin' Me"Lil Zane featuring 112July 15, 2000
"Bounce with Me"Lil' Bow Wow featuring XscapeAugust 19, 2000
"Callin' Me" ↑Lil Zane featuring 112September 2, 2000
"Bounce with Me" ↑Lil' Bow Wow featuring XscapeSeptember 9, 2000
91 more rows

What was the #1 rap song in 1990? ›

On Nov. 3, 1990, rap cemented its finally unignorable mainstream influence with its first-ever No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100: Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." Here are 15 more of the most…

What was the biggest hit song in 2010? ›

For 2010, the list for the top 100 Billboard Hot 100 Year-End songs was published on December 8, calculated with data from December 5, 2009 to November 27, 2010. At the number-one position was Kesha's "Tik Tok", which stayed atop the Hot 100 for nine weeks.

What was #1 Hip Hop Song 2012? ›

You can't have a list on the Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2012 without 'Mercy,' the most popular rap track this year.

What was the number 1 Hip Hop Song in 2003? ›

50 Cent's "In da Club" took the top spot, one of four singles from his debut studio album Get Rich or Die Tryin' to make the list (at positions 1, 14, 21, and 63). He was also featured on Lil' Kim's "Magic Stick", ranked 20.

What is the #1 hip hop song of all time? ›'s 100 Greatest Rap Songs
1."I Used to Love H.E.R."Resurrection
2."Rapper's Delight"Sugarhill Gang
3."The Message"The Message
4."Dear Mama"Me Against the World
62 more rows

What was the #1 rap song in 1996? ›

Tha Crossroads was the only number one on the rap charts that went double platinum in '96. The West Coast took over with this single from Cali's own 2Pac. The song featured vocals from K-Ci and Jojo and reached #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Rap Singles chart.

What song stayed number 1 the longest? ›

"Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond.

Who was the first female rapper to hit 1? ›

Lauryn Hill's “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in 1998. Only a handful of female rappers—including Megan Thee Stallion, Iggy Azalea, and Cardi B—have topped the Billboard Hot 100 since Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Who are the big 3 in hip-hop? ›

To this day, with Lil' Wayne's southern flow, Drake's melodic raps, and Nick Minaj's NYC hard-core style, they still release great music together and will always be known as the Big Three.

Who is number 1 in rap right now? ›

The top 100 most-streamed artists of 2022 is experiencing a rap takeover. Sitting at number one is Drake, who is now this year's top-streamed artist so far with at 6.7 billion in streams.

Who has the most #1 hits in rap? ›

1 Hits. Drake has tallied 11 No. 1 hits on the Hot 100 in his career, the most among rappers.

Who sold 50 million albums? ›

Check out the 50 best-selling music artists of all time in the US by album sales:
  1. The Beatles — 183 million units.
  2. Garth Brooks — 157 million units. ...
  3. Elvis Presley — 146.5 million units. ...
  4. Eagles — 120 million units. ...
  5. Led Zeppelin — 112.5 million units. ...
  6. Michael Jackson — 89 million units. ...
  7. Billy Joel — 85 million units. ...
19 Nov 2022

What are the top 10 most valuable record albums? ›

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold
  • The Beatles: Yesterday & Today - $125,000. ...
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy - $150,000. ...
  • The Beatles: Sgt. ...
  • Elvis Presley: 'My Happiness' - $300,000. ...
  • The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) - $790,000. ...
  • Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin - $2 million.

What are the top 5 albums? ›

US Albums Top 100
  • (1) Midnights. Taylor Swift. peak position: 1 – total weeks: 6. ...
  • (2) Her Loss. Drake and 21 Savage. ...
  • (3) Un Verano Sin Ti. Bad Bunny. ...
  • (10) Christmas. Michael Bublé ...
  • (4) It's Only Me. Lil Baby. ...
  • (5) Dangerous: The Double Album. Morgan Wallen. ...
  • (6) The Highlights. The Weeknd. ...
  • (18) The Christmas Song. Nat King Cole.

Who has the most top 10 albums of all time? ›

Note: As a musician, Paul McCartney has the most top-10 albums, with 51. This includes 32 with The Beatles, 11 solo albums, seven albums with the group Wings, and one album credited to him and his first wife, Linda McCartney.

What Is hip-hop short for? ›

Let's break down the word. Hip-hop combines two slang terms. Hip, which means “in the know,” has been a part of African American vernacular since the late nineteenth century. Hop represents the hopping movement exhibited by hip-hop performers.

Who is the best rapper? ›

  • #1 Jay-Z.
  • #2 Lil Wayne.
  • #3 Kanye West.
  • #4 Kendrick Lamar.
  • #5 Notorious B.I.G.
  • #6 Tupac Shakur.
  • #7 Dr. Dre.
  • #8 Snoop Dogg.

What is the full meaning rap? ›

uncountable noun [oft NOUN noun] Rap is a type of music in which the words are not sung but are spoken in a rapid, rhythmic way.

Why is it called hip hop? ›

Originating in the South Bronx in the late 1970s, hip-hop went global by the end of the '80s. So how did it get its name? According to one explanation, the term pairs the hip that means "trendy" or "fashionable" with the leaping movement hop.

Who was the first female rapper? ›

Sharon Green (born 1962), considered the "first female rapper" or emcee, known by the rap moniker MC Sha-Rock. Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, she grew up in the South Bronx, New York City during the earliest years of hip hop culture.

Who was the first white rapper? ›

1989: Queens duo MC Serch and Pete Nice debut as 3rd Bass, the first white rap act for whom whiteness is not at least in part an uproarious crossover gimmick.

Who was the first black rapper? ›

Blow's musical legacy is without question. Born Kurtis Walker in 1959, Blow, who turns 60 on Aug. 9, was the first rapper to sign with a major label and the first to become a mainstream star.

Who is the father of rap? ›

SIMON: Gil Scott-Heron's pointed lyrics punctured consumer culture and racial inequality in America. He's been called one of the godfathers of rap, and his lyrics inspired hip-hop artists who followed with their own messages.

What hip-hop albums dropped in 2006? ›

From Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor to Ghostface Killah's Fishscale and Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury, here are the top 25 best hip hop albums of 2006.
  1. Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury.
  2. Ghostface Killah – Fishscale. ...
  3. Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. ...
  4. The Roots – Game Theory. ...
  5. T.I. – King. ...
  6. J Dilla – Donuts. ...
  7. Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead. ...
16 Oct 2022

What album did Kanye West drop in 2007? ›

Graduation is the third studio album by American rapper and producer Kanye West, released on September 11, 2007, through Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records.

What rap albums dropped in 2008? ›

  • Steinski - What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective. ...
  • Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) February 26, 2008. ...
  • Why? - Alopecia. ...
  • Q-Tip - The Renaissance. November 4, 2008. ...
  • Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III. June 10, 2008. ...
  • EMC - The Show. March 11, 2008. ...
  • Black Milk - Tronic. October 28, 2008. ...
  • Invincible - Shapeshifters.

What rap albums dropped in 2009? ›

II, here are the top 25 best hip hop albums of 2009.
  1. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt.
  2. Mos Def – The Ecstatic. ...
  3. DJ Quik & Kurupt – Blaqkout. ...
  4. MF DOOM – Born Like This. ...
  5. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon: The End of Day. ...
  6. Brother Ali – Us. ...
  7. Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3. ...
  8. Ghostfaace Killah – Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. ...
16 Oct 2022

What was the biggest rap song in 2006? ›

Best Rap Songs of 2006
  • I Wanna Love YouAkon, Snoop Dogg.
  • You Don't KnowEminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his, Lloyd Banks.
  • Kick, PushLupe Fiasco.
  • VatoSnoop Dogg, B-Real.
  • Money MakerLudacris, Pharrell Williams.
  • Lean Wit It, Rock Wit ItDem Franchize Boyz, Peanut, Charlay.
  • Make It RainFat Joe, Lil Wayne.
  • Daydreamin' (feat.

What was the biggest rap song in 2005? ›

Best Rap Songs of 2005
  • Hate It Or Love ItThe Game, 50 Cent.
  • Candy Shop50 Cent, Olivia.
  • Gold DiggerKanye West, Jamie Foxx.
  • Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond.
  • Ridin'Chamillionaire, Krayzie Bone.
  • Nasty Girl (feat. ...
  • How We DoThe Game, 50 Cent.
  • Stay FlyThree 6 Mafia.

What was the longest-charting album of the 2000s? ›

More on Taylor Swift

Her latest album Lover sold Lover sold 679,000 copies in the first week. Her self-titled first album, Taylor Swift, was on the Billboard 200 chart for over 227 weeks! It was the longest-charting album in the US during the 2000s, where it peaked at number five.

What 10 albums went platinum for Kanye? ›

  • Album: The College Dropout. Release Date: February 10, 2004. ...
  • Album: Late Registration. Release Date: August 30, 2005. ...
  • Album: Graduation. Release Date: September 11, 2007. ...
  • Album: 808s And Heartbreak. Release Date: November 28, 2008. ...
  • Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Release Date: November 22, 2010. ...
  • Album: Yeezus.
20 Jan 2014

Who sold more 50 or Kanye? ›

Of course, we all know the results: West's Graduation won with a staggering 957,000 units sold, while 50 Cent topped out at 691,000 units. The effects of this epic matchup, however, have reverberated to this day, as hip-hop music made a hard left and hasn't returned since. Prior to Sept.

What is considered Kanye West's best album? ›

Kanye West's albums ranked from worst to best:
  1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)
  2. Late Registration (2005) ...
  3. Graduation (2007) ...
  4. Yeezus (2013) ...
  5. The College Dropout (2004) ...
  6. The Life Of Pablo (2016) ...
  7. 808s & Heartbreak (2008) ...
  8. Donda (2021) ...
21 Jul 2022

What was the number 1 rap song in 2009? ›

"Blame It" topped the chart for fourteen consecutive weeks, and it ranked as the number one song on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs year-end list. Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" topped the chart for two consecutive weeks.

What was the hottest song in 2008? ›

The #1 song on the list was "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain, after having released the song in 2007 and spent 10 weeks at number-one. The song that came in at number two was "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis and at #3 was Alicia Keys' song "No One", after spending 5 weeks at #1 in December 2007.

What was the #1 rap song in 2010? ›

Alicia Keys' song "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" ranked as the number one song on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs year end list.

What rap albums were dropped in 2004? ›

From Masta Ace's A Long Hot Summer to Kanye West's The College Dropout and Madvillain's Madvillainy, here are the top 25 best hip hop albums of 2004.
  1. Madvillain – Madvillainy.
  2. Kanye West – The College Dropout. ...
  3. MF DOOM – Mm.. ...
  4. Cam'ron – Purple Haze. ...
  5. De La Soul – The Grind Date. ...
  6. Masta Ace – A Long Hot Summer. ...
16 Oct 2022


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(Aakash Wadhwa)
5. What are the Three Best Songs on The Game's "1992" Album | THE GREAT DEBATERS | Episode 50
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(Love Temple)
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