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Want to become fluent in Tagalog but need help getting started? Then you have come to the right place! We understand that learning a new language can be daunting, but we're here to show you that it's okay if you know the best ways to learn Tagalog.

Join us quicklya block of woodOf course, where we describe some important things you should know when trying to learn Tagalog. Don't worry, it might be easier than you think!

How to Learn to Speak Tagalog - How to Learn Tagalog Fast

What is Tagalog?

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Tagalog, also known as Filipino, is the national language of the Philippines, a country of over 100 million people in Southeast Asia (that's a lot of Tagalog speakers!) The Filipino vocabulary is rich and includes many loanwords from Romantic, West Germanic, and Austronesian language families. So you can think of Tagalog as a melting pot of many other languages!

Although the Philippines traditionally had its own roadmap, thecostaAlphabet,The national language uses the Latin alphabet(with the addition ofnortejvon) to write your words. Currently, there are around 1.6 million Tagalog speakers in the United States alone, both as native speakers and as a second language. So, if you live in the US, you are sure to find some native Tagalog speakers who can help you brush up on your skills if needed.

Is it difficult to learn Tagalog?

The Tagalog language is classified as a Category III language by the Institute of Foreign Servicestakes over 1000 hours to learn– more complicated than French, Spanish or Italian. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to understand! There are many resources for learning Tagalog right here on our blog!

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Take times, for example. As Tagalog is a phonetic language (words spelled the way they are meant to be pronounced), some words use repeated syllables to express the passage of time. Some students may find this confusing! For example:

Englisha block of woodGiftFuturePast
He comeskain(khain)EssenI'm going to eatCanto
go down (go down)baba(buh-bah)babago down tobaja

If you want your first Tagalog lesson to be as simple as possible, the Ling app is for you. We consulted real native speakers when developing our Tagalog lessons and created an easy-to-follow curriculum for people who want to learn Tagalog words!

Suppose you need something to help improve your understanding and appreciation of Filipino vocabulary. If so, this is the app for you.

Tips for learning Tagalog words

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People who want to learn Tagalog often figure out what to do first. Some opt for a full Tagalog course and others exist on YouTube tutorials.

Still others learn Tagalog from people they meet online. And don't worry about learning a new script like other languages: the Philippines uses the Latin alphabet, so just being able to read it gives you an advantage!

Whatever your language learning style, we have some helpful tips to get you started learning the official language of the Philippines:

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Make it part of your routine

Language learning is a journey that doesn't end in a single day. So make sure you continue your Tagalog learning journey every day by making it a part of your routine. Just 15-30 minutes of Tagalog vocabulary practice is enough to refresh your memory and eventually treat it like a second language!

We'll even help you get started. Here are your five Tagalog words for today:

Englisha block of woodPronunciation
for the studyLearnmag-er-ral
To understandUnderstandablemah-a-toe-dee-han

Use audio and video Tagalog word lessons

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If you're trying to learn Tagalog on your own, it can be difficult to learn by talking, especially if you need to practice with someone. Luckily, you've got the wonders of the internet covered.

YouTube is an excellent resource for audio and video help.Created by native speakers it breaks down lessons into English words and includes grammar notes to help you too. You'll learn Tagalog words and see how many contemporary Filipinos rely heavily on Spanish and English to get some points. Filipino is fascinating!

use notebooks

Since our smartphones are our main writing tool, it can be hard for some of us to remember that laptops still exist. Taking notes is an essential part of learning, and for good reason. Writing your Tagalog lessons in a notebook (plus points if your notebook has a Filipino theme!) will help you remember new words and phrases you've encountered in your recent language studies.

And don't worry, contemporary Filipino vocabulary doesn't include that.costaAlphabet so you don't have to learn a new writing system! Learning Filipino language can be easy for you if you let it.

(Video) Learn How to Speak Filipino in 3 Hours

We'll even give you a freebie: the Filipino word forPortable computeresNotebook (where-there)!

Use free apps to learn Tagalog

If you want to learn Tagalog fast, the best way to do it is with free apps like Ling App! With classes geared towards beginners, the Ling app gives you a solid foundation to start speaking Tagalog at the same level as many Filipinos, in just a few minutes a day.

For those who don't have a lot of time or prefer a relaxed learning style, the Ling app is the perfect language exchange program for you! From common conversational phrases to Tagalog pronunciation, this app covers all your bases.


If you want to learn Tagalog, remember that it's fun! Your first lesson may be difficult at first, but be clear: Filipinos are known assome of the happiest peoplein Southeast Asia, so it makes sense that the official language is also fun to learn and use as a second language.

Rest assured and remember: even local Filipinos have problems with their own language! So don't worry about little things like pronunciation: it's a complex language to learn, especially for people who only speak English as their first language. But continue with your studies and you will learn more and more each day.

Ah yes, the Filipino word for by the wayfelizesMasaya (muh-sah-yah)!

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Speak Tagalog Through Immersion

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Immersing yourself in Filipino culture (again, the Tagalog language) is one of the best ways to become fluent in Tagalog. That doesn't mean, however, that you should learn Tagalog by booking a flight to the Philippines today (although we strongly encourage you to do so). Instead, you can immerse yourself in the Tagalog language like this:

Visit local Filipino communities

Do you have a Filipino community where you live? Then attend their meetings (we promise there will be many). Dating native speakers will help you learn Tagalog vocabulary fast. Plus, get instant feedback if you need help learning Tagalog! Bonus tip: there isspring rollalso in the dining room.

Music, movies and TV shows in Tagalog

Most Filipinos, especially those living in the United States, are still very up to date with the latest Filipino music, movies and TV shows. Most if not all of the media they consume will be in the local language. Ask them for recommendations on what to see.

Filipino shows will also be available on Netflix, equipped with subtitles so you can understand the context of what is being said on screen. Very soon you will discover that you know a lot more about the Tagalog language than you think!

Chat with native speakers

Nothing makes Filipino a language easier than having a personal tutor. Chatting with a Filipino is the best immersion you can have. But of course this also applies to other languages!

If you want to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary and have a very productive language exchange, the best way to learn Tagalog is to find a native speaker who will speak with you in your native language.

(Video) Tagalog in 1 Minute: Conjunctions | Grammar | Learn to Speak Filipino Fast w/ Tutor of Manila 2022

Learn Tagalog quickly with the Ling app

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Alright, English speakers! To remember:

  • Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines.
  • It uses the Latin alphabet plus two additional letters (nortejvon)
  • ANDcostaThe alphabet is not (widely) used in the Philippines.
  • It can take over 1,000 hours to master Tagalog.
  • Tagalog is best learned when it is part of your routine
  • There are many resources for learning Tagalog (like the Ling app!)
  • Immersion will help you improve your Filipino vocabulary

Remember these quick tips and you'll be as good as a native speaker. It might even be directly called Filipino, depending on how good it is!

But if you're ready to really kick-start learning the Tagalog language, download the Ling appAndroidjiOSToday. It contains a complete Tagalog learning journey designed for beginners and experts alike to improve your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and put you on the path to fluency.


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