How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (2023)

Drawing anime characters takes work.

How to draw a galaxy

How to draw a galaxy

Especially if you try to draw her in a pose.

It's easy to confuse or draw your anime character in a stiff pose.

And in this tutorial I'm going to teach you step by step how to draw hands on your anime character's hips so that you can draw this position very easily.

I already coveredAnother post here on how to draw 1 hand on hip.

It's ok if you are a beginner learning how to draw anime or poses and don't really know human anatomy - the steps are very easy to follow. You will learn to draw:

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (1)

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Note that I use aiPad Proit is aapple pencilto create all my illustrations. But you can use any tool: pencil and paper, markers or Photoshop, as the drawing method remains the same.

If you master Procreate and want to learn how to use it in a week,take this course online- It's a lifesaver!

Let's get started.

How to draw practical hips for your anime character - (step by step) easy guide for beginners

First I will draw the outline of the anime character in this pose.

This will make it much easier to draw the girl with her hands on her hips.

In order? Let's begin!

First, let's start with the shape of the head.

I'm going to draw an oval and then draw a cross inside the oval to help me draw the facial features later on.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (2)

I use the technical pencil brush in Procreate for this (it's free with the app), but if you're drawing on paper, make sure the lines are very clear, as we'll be erasing them later to overwhelm the figure. Approximate instructions.

I won't go into detail on how to draw anime heads and faces, as this post is about how to draw hand-on-hip position, butI bought this book to learn more about how to draw anime faces.

I strongly recommend buying this book because you will learn how to draw anime characters, their eyes and even how to color them.

Next, we will make a rough sketch of the neck and torso, just imagine a mannequin.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (3)

Now it's time to draw the joints.

The easiest way to draw the joints is to draw 3 circles:

  • on the shoulders
  • the elbows
  • and the dolls

Just look below to understand what I mean. Do not draw the green lines, this is just for your understanding.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (4)
(Video) How to draw anime hand on hip step by step

Now it's time to draw the arms.

Use sausage shapes to draw the arms – the circles make drawing the arms a lot easier.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (5)

Now we have to draw the hands.

The easiest way to draw hands is to draw 2 shapes: palm and fingers.

This will help us later when we draw the hands.

Pretend to draw gloves and remember to overlap your hands on your hips to make drawing easier.

Now we draw a rough guide of the anime girl with her hands on her hips.

We can start drawing the correct contours.

I'm going to lighten this sketch layer and start drawing the outline.

If you want to learn how to draw heads,please take this book- It's a lifesaver.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (7)

Remember to outline the head, torso and arms.

Now it's time to draw the hands.

I start with the palms first and then draw the fingers one by one.

I go into detail about itDraw hands on this post.Give it a try if you want to learn how to draw hands.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (14)
(Video) How To Draw Simple Manga Hands ✧ Easy

Next, I start drawing the eyes.

Anime eyes can be a little tricky at first.But this book explains very well how to draw anime eyes easily.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (15)

Now I continue to draw the pupils and iris of the eye.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (16)

Next, I'll add more detail by coloring some parts of the eyes and even adding a nose and mouth to the anime girl.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (17)

And finally, I add some space buns on her head.

I love to draw curly hairstyles and space buns are my favorite hairstyles to draw. here is onepost how to draw different types of space bunsif you are interested.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (18)

I'm not going to wildly draw her outfit because this post is mostly about the pose.

So I'm going to draw a simple sports bra and leggings to make things easier.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (25)

It's not easy?

I think I'm done drawing this anime girl with her hands on her hips.

Let's clean up the hard lines so we can see how it looks.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (26)

And now it's time to color the character.


First I will color the base colors by making her skin and clothes.

You can color your anime character any skin color you like.

Feel free to dye her clothes any color you like.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (27)

So I dye her hair light purple and add some pink curls into her space buns just for fun.

I really want that cotton candy effect on her hair. I'm also going to paint her eyes dark green because I think it'll give a real contrast to the pink and purple tones in this drawing.

I have a post on how to color my digital art. read this post if you wantLearn to color digital art.

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (34)

Now I'm going to put some blush on her skin to warm her up and even add some highlights to my anime character and I think I'm done!

How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (35)


You've learned to draw hands on hips. You can also bookmark this post and use this reference on how to draw hands on hips to draw your own anime characters in this pose.

Conclusion + features

I hope this detailed tutorial was helpful for you and you can learn how to draw hands on your anime character's hips.

Drawing poses is difficult and gets easier with practice.

This is how I learned to draw poses:

  • Go to and practice drawing poses.
  • Take pictures of yourself in different poses and use them as a drawing reference (one of the best learning methods).
  • Or search for photos of people in poses online to help you better draw poses.

Don't worry if it doesn't turn out the way you want it at first.

It gets better the more you practice drawing.

If you want to see more hair and people tutorials, leave a comment below. You can check my othercharacter tutorialslearn to draw people and clothes.

(Video) How to Draw Hands on Hips Pose (Step by Step)

I will be adding more drawing tutorials to this blog, so stay tuned!

If you are looking for books on how to draw more anime:

Do you want to practice drawing anime?

I love online courses.

I take a lot of online courses on Udemy because you own the course forever and you can practice at your own pace.

That is allone of the best coursesI bought that teaches how to draw anime.


How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (42)How to Draw Anime Hands on Hips (Step by Step) (43)

In this course you will learn to draw:

  • Anime male and female bodies.
  • Different body parts like head, hands, feet, etc.
  • Your lineart like a professional anime artist.
  • Different poses and add clothes to your character.
  • Your own original character
  • different environments
  • Different types of illustrations.

You can use pencil and paper, but a graphics tablet is very useful.

It is a very detailed course and a complete course to learn how to draw anime.

It is a course that any beginner can take because it is very easy to follow.

check here

If you are just getting started with ProCreate, I recommend this course:Witnesses for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101

This will help you learn to breed in a day or a week at most. I found it super helpful!

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